The Show

Robbie4Tribute artists are a great way of giving your event a unique twist that will keep your guests entertained.

This extraordinary show covers all of Robbie’s greatest hits, with such an array of classics to choose from, the show is just never ever the same.

Kicking off with early releases such as “Let Me Entertain You” and “Rock DJ”, continuing to more recent singles such as “You Know Me”, “Candy”, Go Gentle” and “Party Like a Russian” coming right up to date with “Love My Life”. Then let’s not forget a visit to the Albert Hall along the way for the swingers out there and there’s also a nod to the mighty Take That five piece reunion.

Whether playing to a small audience at an intimate venue or captivating thousands at a large event, AJ has entertained all sizes of audience in all kinds of venues with full staged lighting, costume changes and spectacular showmanship – The show can be tailor made to suit your event and your every need so if you have something specific in mind, just ask!

AJ’s repertoire encompasses every single and album, even the lesser known material such as “Jesus in a Camper Van”, “Ghosts”, “Forever Texas” and “Heart and I” for the hardcore fans.
So come on down, as Robbie would say – After your “Lazy Days”, “I’ll be expecting you”, “Let me entertain you”. Make sure you have “No Regrets”, you just don’t want to miss this. You’ll “Feel” that you’ve heard something “Supreme”, “Something Beautiful”.

Look out you “Angels” and “Rock DJ” s for the “Advertising Space”. Watch “Me and My Monkey” “Come Undone”. Party on until the “Morning Sun” comes up. Don’t want to be “Misunderstood”, it would be a “Shame” to miss this – You won’t find a better show from here to “Eternity” this “Millennium”…Need I go on?

AJ is member of the Musicians Union. AJ uses LD and RCF P.A. Systems with Allen & Heath mixers.

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